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Event signup - tutorial description

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This is a long tutorial. It walks you completely through setting up a website for administering the signing up of members of a group who may or may not want to attend a particular planned group event. An example would be a golf group that plays each week but not every person plays every week, so a way is needed to keep track of the members, the events, and which members are playing in which event.

Bullet You will learn how to properly setting up SQL Express relational database, incuding a many-to-many relationship, creating a database diagram, creating and accessing a View (Query), and learning how the relationships and database table keys are set up to ensure data consistency.
Bullet You will learn first, how to set up a webpage to add, edit, and delete members for the group; second, how to add, edit, and or remove events and related details planned for the group; and third, how to assign or remove the signups of group members to attend each event.
Bullet You will learn about databinding in code-behind, to ensure that everything on your page is immediately updated when a change is made. For example, if a member is removed from the group members list, and that member was listed in a gridview on the page as attending one or more events, you would want that gridview to be immediately updated so the person is no longer showing as attending that event.
Bullet You will get more extensively into the use of Visual Web Developer Express and make use of its ability to work with code-behind pages.
Bullet You will learn how to keep a page from jumping back to the top after a user fills in a textbox further down on the page.
Bullet You will be introduced to exception - handling to prevent users from seeing incomprehensible error screens when a database error occurs.

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