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ASP.NET database tutorials for Expression Web and VWD Users

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bullet Basic database tutorials

We offer a number of basic database tutorials that get you started working with simple, single table databases using the asp.net controls that come with Expression Web and Visual Web Developer or Visual Studio Express.

bullet Advanced database tutorials for site members

We offer more advanced database tutorials including work with multi-table relational databases, and related topics of common interest.

bulletAbout our database tutorials

These tutorials were originally created to ease the pain for users migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web with the goal of showing how to accomplish all the things (and more) with Expression and its ASP.NET controls that could easily be accomplished with databases using the Wizards and Bots of FrontPage. The tutorials have evolved over time and now include complete, somewhat advanced database  driven solutions.

While the tutorials use a SQL Express database, Access users should still be able to follow along, realizing there may be slight differences in some details.

To see an example of what can be accomplished with the technology used in these tutorials, visit  Ownertrades.com  , a site we built using Expression Web, Visual Web Developer Express, and SQL Express.

If you find an error in these tutorials, or have a suggestion for added tutorials, use the contact form on this site to contact HomePage Doctor.


These tutorials are intended for your use as a learning aid. While we believe them to be correct, they have not been extensively tested, and are not guaranteed to be optimum solutions or, for that matter, to even be 100% correct. There may be better solutions. HomePage Doctor assumes no liability for your use of the material here. This material is intended for educational purposes only.

HomePage Doctor claims no originality in these tutorials; the knowledge they present has been developed by learning from a combination of reference books, online resources, and other web developers on the forums listed below.

bulletIf you need help

If you have questions or difficulties beyond these tutorials, assistance is available on the forums (links provided below). The forums are by far the quickest way to get assistance. HomePage Doctor does not offer private consulting services; however, if there is an error in the tutorials, please use the Contact Form  on this site to let us know so we can promptly address the issue.

bulletForums for getting help

The ASP.NET  forum is the best place for getting database and coding assistance

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