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Database tutorials by HomePage Doctor

Some of these tutorials make use of the results of earlier tutorials, so it is important to do the first three in the order shown, before doing the others.

PLEASE NOTE: These tutorials were developed using VWD2010 Express and SQL Server 2008. Later versions of VWD such as VWD2012 or VWD2013 do not have all the database features that VWD2010 has.  If you are using VWD2012 or VWD2013, some of the things we do with the Database Explorer are not available to you; however, they are available in SQLServer Management Studio2012 Express. Please note that when using SSMS2012 Express, it is sometimes necessary to right-click and choose "Run as Administrator" to do what you need.

VWD 2010 is the easier, better (in our opinion) program, and works well with SQLSERVER 2008 R2 and earlier. If you and your ISP are using that version, you are good to go with these tutorials.

However if you are forced to work with 2012 or later versions of VWD and SQLSERVER, you can use SQLServer Management Studio2012 Express  (there may also be a 2013 version) to complete these tutorials -- you should still be able to follow along with the tutorials - you will just have to use management studio to do some of the things (like create a database diagram or right-clicking to open the View Designer) that 2010 users can do directly in its database explorer). Note: After clicking on the link to the download page, click the red download button, and choose the ENU\x64\SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU.exe file for your download.

Become a Site Member  so you can take the advanced tutorials below. The descriptions will give you a good idea what the tutorials contain.

bullet Setting up and using a multi-table relational database - description  - take the tutorial
bullet Event signup tutorial - description  - take the tutorial
bullet Database results from drop-down list inputs - description  - take the tutorial
bullet Linking pictures to a Gridview results selection - description  - take the tutorial
bullet How to allow users access to only their own data - description  - take the tutorial
bullet Access ASP.NET Profile data in a Gridview - description  - take the tutorial
bullet Porting your SQLExpress database to your host - description  - take the tutorial
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